2019 Club challenge against Bullwinkle.

The Redcliffe Chess Club hosted the mighty Bullwinkle team for their annual inter club match on Wednesday 10th April, 2019. The challenge was contested over seven boards with a mixture of seasoned players, as well as up and coming juniors sprinkled throughout both teams. Redcliffe President Mark Stokes welcomed the visitors and was pleased to see board one being played between two of the strongest emerging players in the Queensland chess scene, being Tony Zhong and Tom Maguire.

Bullwinkle took an early 2 game lead after Brady defeated Stokes and Chan (another impressive junior) overcame the newest member of the Redcliffe Club, Adheesha Suraweera. On board six Redcliffe’s Filip Simic unleashed an irresistible winning combination against Craig Stewart and the match was now in the balance on the remaining boards which were all extremely complex.

Remarkably, Redcliffe won all four of the remaining games to take the match by 5 wins to 2 but the result was much closer than the final outcome indicates. Tom Maguire took huge risks to win against Tony Zhong and Jayden Ooi went within a whisper of pulling off an incredible stalemate combination by continually sacrificing his rook against Tony Weller. Brodie McClymont was pushed all the way by Jacob Edwards and Allan Fossey played an interesting attacking game to defeat Michael D’Arcy.

Final results were:

Board 1  Tony Zhong               0         (R) Tom Maguire     1

2  (R) Brodie McClymont       1          Jacob Edwards        0

3  Michael D’Arcy                    0          (R) Allan Fossey      1

4 Tony Weller (R)                    1          Jayden Ooi               0

5  Jason Chan                           1         (R) A. Suraweera      0

6  Filip Simic (R)                      1         Craig Stewart            0

7.  Aiden Brady                         1         Mark Stokes (R)       0

The contest was conducted fiercely with no draws, but played in a very friendly atmosphere. Games are located in the games section of this web site.

Bullwinkle have been invited for a return match in December and no doubt they will be seeking revenge.



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