2019 March Open played at Rothwell on 16th and 17th March, 2019

This is a brief report on the 2019 March Open played at the Grace Lutheran College, Rothwell on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March, 2019.

This event was organised by Gail Young on behalf of the Queensland Women’s Chess League, with Max Kershaw FA being the arbiter.

Sponsors for the tournament were BBC painting, AuNix and the Redcliffe Chess Club.

The event was played over six rounds (3 each on the Saturday and Sunday), at a rate of 60 minutes plus a 10 second increment for each game. The games are to be rated by the ACF and Qld Juniors.

There were 59 players participating, with the top seed being IM Stephen Solomon (2374). Eight of the top boards were displayed on DGT boards and those games can be sourced at http://livechess.aunz.net.

Winner of the tournament was IM Brodie McClymont on 6 points out of 6 (!!!! a very dominating effort), with FM Dusan Stojic and Tom Maguire finishing equal second on 5 points.

There were four rating divisions, as well as an unrated prize, with those winners being:

Group A (under 1600)  =1st  Daniel Ford and Craig Stewart  4 1/2 points out of 6

Group B                            =1st Diego Aldana; Peter Bender and Alexander Ilka 3 1/2 points

Group C                             =1st Martin Carter; Joshua Cooper and William Ilka  3 points

Group D                             1st  Micah Young  2 1/2 points

Unrated                              1st Lachlan Wang  2 points.

The complete result list was :  

1  Brodie McClymont           QLD   2374 6     47:W  8:W  3:W  2:W  5:W  4:W
2  Dusan Stojic               QLD   2333 5     24:W 14:W 25:W  1:L 17:W  7:W
3  Tom Maguire                QLD   2228 5     35:W 22:W  1:L 27:W 26:W 11:W
4  Gene Nakauchi              QLD   2295 4.5   28:W 13:W 11:W  5:D  6:W  1:L
5  Stephen J Solomon          QLD   2383 4.5   30:W 27:W 10:W  4:D  1:L 16:W
6  Igor Paevskiy              QLD   1824 4.5   49:W 20:D 17:W  9:W  4:L 21:W
7  Andrew Mather              QLD   1849 4.5   53:W 23:W  0:D 16:W 18:W  2:L
8  Daniel Ford                QLD   1554 4.5   59:W  1:L 30:W 23:W 10:D 25:W
9  Craig A Stewart            QLD   1436 4.5    0:D 41:W 20:W  6:L 19:W 18:W
10 Tony Dowden                QLD   2189 4     33:W 12:W  5:L 13:W  8:D 15:D
11 Sravan Renjith             OS    1976 4     29:W 26:W  4:L 14:W 12:W  3:L
12 Alexavier Ly-Liu           QLD   1391 4     50:W 10:L 29:W 25:W 11:L 36:W
13 Jayden Ooi                 QLD   1502 4     56:W  4:L 35:W 10:L 29:W 26:W
14 Mark C Stokes              QLD   1460 4     54:W  2:L 28:W 11:L 49:W 34:W
15 Ben Peach                  QLD   1610 4     44:D 37:W 19:L 33:W 38:W 10:D
16 Leon Lee                   QLD   1638 3.5   31:W 38:D 21:W  7:L 22:W  5:L
17 Allan Fossey               QLD   1743 3.5   40:W 32:W  6:L 34:W  2:L 20:D
18 David Lovejoy              QLD   1802 3.5   43:W 45:W  0:D 19:W  7:L  9:L
19 Ben Atia                   QLD   1270 3.5    0:D 42:W 15:W 18:L  9:L 38:W
20 Diego Aldana               QLD   1191 3.5   57:W  6:D  9:L 45:D 31:W 17:D
21 Aiden Brady                QLD   1366 3.5    0:D 44:W 16:L 32:W 39:W  6:L
22 Don Hamilton               QLD   1351 3.5   52:W  3:L 39:D 44:W 16:L 28:W
23 Alexander Ilka             QLD   1142 3.5   58:W  7:L 46:W  8:L 40:D 41:W
24 Peter G Bender             QLD   1126 3.5    2:L 48:D 44:L 52:W 46:W 39:W
25 Liam Ryan                  VIC   1899 3     39:W 34:W  2:L 12:L 32:W  8:L
26 Orsen Van Der Byl          QLD   1239 3     55:W 11:L 49:W 36:W  3:L 13:L
27 Mohammad Salahuddin        QLD   1547 3     48:W  5:L 47:W  3:L 28:L 40:W
28 Dulin Nethsuka Kodituwakku QLD   1008 3      4:L 56:W 14:L 59:W 27:W 22:L
29 Martin Carter              QLD   905  3     11:L 52:W 12:L 54:W 13:L 46:W
30 Imira Dewadasa             QLD   1138 3      5:L 40:W  8:L 39:L 56:W 49:W
31 Joshua Cooper              QLD   721  3     16:L 36:L 48:W 37:W 20:L 47:W
32 David Esmonde              QLD   1141 3     46:W 17:L 43:W 21:L 25:L 45:W
33 William Ilka               QLD   907  3     10:L 50:D 42:W 15:L 44:D 48:W
34 Rover-Leigh Mercado        QLD   1336 3     51:W 25:L 53:W 17:L 45:W 14:L
35 Henry Liu                  QLD   944  3      3:L 54:W 13:L 40:L 57:W 44:W
36 Ali Esmaili                QLD   1689 3     45:L 31:W 38:W 26:L 47:W 12:L
37 Bridgette Watkins          QLD   1010 3      0:D 15:L 45:D 31:L 50:W 53:W
38 Micah Lo                   QLD   740  2.5   66:+ 16:D 36:L 41:W 15:L 19:L
39 Zerui Xing                 QLD   905  2.5   25:L 51:W 22:D 30:W 21:L 24:L
40 Austin Chen                QLD   809  2.5   17:L 30:L 51:W 35:W 23:D 27:L
41 Raphael Atia               QLD   940  2.5    0:D  9:L 50:W 38:L 42:W 23:L
42 Micah Young                QLD   702  2.5    0:D 19:L 33:L 56:W 41:L 59:W
43 Adheesha Suraweera         QLD   853  2.5   18:L 58:W 32:L 47:L 51:D 55:W
44 Benjamin Leong             QLD   718  2     15:D 21:L 24:W 22:L 33:D 35:L
45 Shafiuddin Aanan           QLD   802  2     36:W 18:L 37:D 20:D 34:L 32:L
46 Lachlan Wang               QLD        2     32:L  0:W 23:L 53:W 24:L 29:L
47 Martin Ballantyne          SA    1135 2      1:L 59:W 27:L 43:W 36:L 31:L
48 Joel Leong                 QLD   648  2     27:L 24:D 31:L 50:D 58:W 33:L
49 Ross Barnard               QLD   877  2      6:L 57:W 26:L 58:W 14:L 30:L
50 Samuel Kho                 QLD   593  2     12:L 33:D 41:L 48:D 37:L 57:W
51 Kris Allen                 QLD   385  2     34:L 39:L 40:L 55:D 43:D  0:W
52 Isaac Ly-Liu               QLD   538  2     22:L 29:L 59:L 24:L  0:W 56:W
53 Kanak Relekar              QLD   889  2      7:L 55:W 34:L 46:L 54:W 37:L
54 Elizabeth Williams         QLD   627  2     14:L 35:L 57:W 29:L 53:L 58:W
55 John Kho                   QLD   287  1.5   26:L 53:L 56:L 51:D 59:W 43:L
56 Eowyn Mercado              QLD   647  1     13:L 28:L 55:W 42:L 30:L 52:L
57 Hanna Tinu                 QLD        1     20:L 49:L 54:L  0:W 35:L 50:L
58 Kingston Wang              QLD        1     23:L 43:L  0:W 49:L 48:L 54:L
59 Jai Turner                 QLD   717  1      8:L 47:L 52:W 28:L 55:L 42:L

The event was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere, yet was fiercely contested with only 13 draws from the 171 games played.

The next event being supported by the Redcliffe Chess Club will be the 2019 Wendy Terry Memorial tournament again being held at Rothwell on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April, 2019.


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