Congratulations to All Participants on Honouring Arianne today with your passion and excellence in our royal game!

Today’s Prize Winners

Open 1st – FM Dusan Stojic 6.5/7 $1000
2nd – GM David Smerdon, GM Moulthun Ly, FM Sravan Renjith and Jack Rodgers 6/7 $250 each

Female 1st – Leteisha Simmonds, Elizaveta Gratchev and WIM Alexandra Jule 4.5/7 $270 each

Rating Group A 1999-1600
1st Aiden Brady and Eason Wang 5.5/7 $125 each

Rating Group B 1599-1200
1st Callum Gray, Terrence Tang, Jonathan Jones and Mars Qi 5/7 $65 each

Rating Group C 1199-800
1st James Hong, Ian Li and Kingston Wang 4.5 $85 each

Rating Group D Under 800
1st Cooper Whitaker 4/7 $150
2nd Stephanie Yuan and Aurora Lannon $50 each

1st Corey Van Jaarsveldt 4/7 $100
2nd Michael Matijko 3.5/7 $75

Greatest Upset Prize
Over 18 – Maximillion Windsor, (922 difference) U18 Boy – Jason Leitch (809) and U18 Girl Elizaveta Gratchev (549) — Autographed The Complete Chess Swindler

Most Courageous Game by a Female – Angela Yuan $50

Brilliancy Prize $100 – To Be Determined

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make today a success. David Esmonde, Orsen Van der Byl, Emily Carruthers, Tomoko Inukai, Deb Rose, Marek Breeden, Ivan Gratchev, David Varga, Shaun Curtis and everyone else who made the day fantastic!!

Photos will be available on the Gold Coast Chess Club Facebook Page in a few days!!