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Got an idea you would like to share regarding Queensland Chess?

Send it to – kerrycorker@yahoo.com.au

Share an idea from another sport that you think would work for us.

  • What type of events do you like best?
  • What time controls do you like best?
  • How can we get more money into Queensland Chess?
  • How can we pay our administrators for the work they do?
  • How can we get more prizemoney for local events?
  • How can we retain for the long term, the couple of thousand school kids who play chess in Qld every year?
  • How do we get more adult females playing?

Each state is now down to about 1 or 2 adult females per state who play regular weekend chess.

Anything else pertaining to Queensland Chess of which you can think.


Things to remember;

  1. All submissions will be published by the next morning. No swearing or defamation of course.
  2. Always back up your suggestion with ways to achieve your suggested goal.

No good saying,

“We need more sponsorship”. How do we get it?

“We should pay our administrators as do other sporting bodies”. How?

I will publish verbatim your submission, subject to number one above.

Tell me if you want your name published.


What do you think?


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